The Team

Elite Development Riders

Shannon Mallory – U23

G0115197.JPGShannon joined Northwest Women’s Cyclocross Project two years ago in her first year as a U23 after a successful 2015-16 season with Jamis Pro Cyclocross.

Last year she had a strong season with several wins and a stellar fifth place finish at the US National Cyclocross Championships in the U23 category.

This year Shannon will again be targeting the US National Championships, the Pan American Championships, and the World Championships.  When not traveling, Shannon will be dreaming about hitting the local races while doing her homework because she’s a junior at University of Washington.

Instagram: @smallory4

Hayden Gizinski – U23

IMG_0040Hayden joined Northwest Women’s Cyclocross Project in her first year in the junior 17-18 category and rides an impressively small bike.

Hayden has been racing racing cyclocross since she was in the 10-12 junior category and, despite not growing an inch taller since, she is a strong, technical rider.

Last year, Hayden finished 22nd at both US National Cyclocross Championships and Pan American Championships in the U23 as a 17-18 year old rider.   She’s setting her end of season sights on the US National Cyclocross Championships, Pan American Championships and some select UCI races.  When not racing, she will be enjoying her first year of studying in the University of Washington’s libraries with Shannon, wishing she could be racing local races.

Instagram: @hayden.gizinski

Ellie Mitchell – U23


Ellie Mitchell became an elite rider for the Northwest Women’s Cyclocross Project last season.  She lives in Anchorage, Alaska where she trains by out sprinting bears and moose.

Ellie has been racing since she was 10 and last year finished 14th at US National Cyclocross Championships.

This year Ellie will also be targeting US National Cyclocross Championships, Pan American Championships and some select UCI races.  When not traveling, Ellie will be texting Shannon and Hayden about how wonderfully easy her senior year of high school is while wishing she could train somewhere else than her trainer because Alaska gets a lot of snow.

Instagram: @__elliemitchell

Juliann Vander Haegen- 17-18

IMG_1236.jpgJuliann is joining Northwest Women’s Cyclocross Project this 2018-2019 season for her second year in the 17-18 category.  A strong rider from Olympia, WA, Juliann is looking forwards to continuing to develop at local races and racing more at the national level.

A true NWCXProject rider, Juliann enjoys dressing up in fabulous costumes and acting like a hooligan on the bike. Her background in mountain biking serves her well while keeping up with her older teammates on team adventures.

This year Juliann will be targeting US National Cyclocross Championships and Pan American Championships. When not traveling, Juliann will be enjoying local Seattle races while all her older teammates dream of joining her because she’s just a junior in high school and not snowed in.

Instagram: @juliann.vanderhaegen


Millie- Team mascot

IMG_0311.jpg Millie, the team mascot, attends all local races and many away races. She joined the Cutler-Thogersen household a year and a half ago to learn how to use her rear legs again.

Millie has proven her skills on two wheels and is a respected part of the team.  Patient and supportive of all the girls, Millie brings her passion of treats and cuddles to all the riders.  The riders also get to dress her up in costumes and ride around with her on their backs.

Instagram: @millie_wheellie

Jessica Cutler – Director

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 12.43.28 PM.pngJessica joins Northwest Women’s Cyclocross Project as the team’s founder and manager.  Jessica raced the professional cyclocross and road circuits for five years before announcing her retirement at the end of the 2016 road season.

Known for being very supportive of her riders, Jessica has a history buying ice cream for riders at 8 am and letting them hit the pump track to work on their skills.  Her favorite phrases to yell is “GO GIRLS!!!!” and  her favorite question is “Did you have fun?!”

Jessica brings experience, mentorship, and organization to the team.  For the last several years of her cyclocross career she raced as a privateer, putting together her own sponsors to support her racing.  She is excited to pass her knowledge of the ins and outs of the sport on to the next generation of riders.

Twitter: @jessica_cutler
Instagram: @jess_rides
Facebook: Jess Cutler Pro Cyclist

Niels Thogersen III – Mechanic

IMG_0085 2.jpgNiels brings years of experience working for both professional road and cyclocross teams.  By day, he works as a mechanical engineer in Seattle, Washington.

Niels is one of the founders of the team and is excited to be helping provide opportunities for young riders.  He is an excellent problem-solver and is fast with the wrench having worked the pits in countless local, UCI, World Cup, and national races.

Niels looks forward to keeping our team equipment in tip-top shape and working with the riders to help them better understand and operate their own equipment.

Twitter: @nthogersen
Instagram: @niels_iii

Lucy Cutting – Rider Support

14910483_856661157114_7621843516841688522_n.jpgLucy joins Northwest Women’s Cyclocross Project in a rider support and mentor role.  Lucy has raced cyclocross since 2010, and had a breakout season in 2015 when she was on the podium twelve times and won the Elite Women’s Title in the Sportif Cross Cup series in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Lucy brings extensive youth mentorship and coaching experience to the team and is excited to work with the next generation of women’s cyclocross.  Additionally, she has experience fundraising and writing grant proposals, and is looking forward to helping grow the Northwest Women’s Cyclocross Project.

Twitter: @lucybcutler
Instagram: @lucybcutting

Grassroots Riders

21751919_10100717160217295_188832589190362364_n.jpgNorthwest Women’s Cyclocross Project’s grassroots riders join the team as up and coming racers.  Mentored and coached by the the elite riders and staff, the grassroots riders learn and improve their cyclocross skills.